The interesting links list

The interesting links list

Just watching spring shine in
Came across this Yooper, she said she was just watching spring shine in!    Feb 2018,  Lake Superior









When you are bored, here is a list of varied website links with interesting things to read about.  It is in no particular order.

It is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get.

Although I wouldn’t link a site with malware, I cannot guarantee these sites are clean as I have no control over them.  I have looked at them all and have not found any so far.  I suggest you get a good malware application. I like the free one from Malwarebytes. 


The List so far… in no special order at all.

(Please note, never click a big green button

that says listen now, or anything similar to them.)

I prefer foxfire for my browser  

and Malwarebytes for my spyware catcher (look for the free option, it is there.)